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Welcome to the Lakeside Online Live Stream. We hope you enjoy the service.

At the moment, the stream does not display properly in Internet Explorer on some computers. Please try using Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, or try the Alternate Video Player below.

If you encounter trouble with the stream, please first try clicking on the button on the player bar that says HD. Choose an option from the list, and see if it helps. If not, try choosing another option further down the list.

If that fails, please try visiting the following links (and please email if you have to use one of the links):
Regular Video Player (for mobiles that don’t see a video above and used to)
DVR Video Player
Alternate Video Player
Audio Only Stream

If that does not work better for you, please email with a description of the problem, as well as what type of device you are watching on.

If you have a mobile device such as an android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad, or blackberry, please click on the mobile tab to access a compatible version of the stream.

To access the sermon notes, please click on the Sermon Notes tab.

For links to video of past sermons, please click on the Recent Teaching tab.

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20141214 - Message
What Did They Say About Jesus Before He Was Born?
Future Investments
Being Rich
Getting Rich
20141109 - Message
The Control Myth
The Consequences of Fear
Lakeside 25th Anniversary - Service
Lakeside 25th Anniversary - Concert
The Invitation
The Price Tag
The Life Of Worship
To Serve and Not To Be Served
To Seek and To Save

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